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Family Pictures Syracuse: Grand Finale Celebration

Time: Oct. 15, 2023, 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Location: Everson Museum, 401 Harrison St.

Part of the Syracuse Symposium

Part of the Syracuse Symposium series.

Thomas Allen Harris (Yale University)

woman at microphone points to a projection screen in the background

The Grand Finale Celebration for Family Pictures Syracuse is a live multi-media event where the Syracuse community's family photos are brought to life in an onstage presentation. Thomas Allen Harris hosts this community-oriented event featuring music, poetry, storytelling, guest speakers, and your photographs.

For more information, email the group or call (315) 741-5706. You can also follow @TurningtheLens315 for updates.

About the Family Pictures Syracuse project
Family Pictures Syracuse is a collaboration between Syracuse's Turning the Lens Collective and The Family Pictures Institute for Inclusive Storytelling to assemble an archive for social justice in the city of Syracuse. The Turning the Lens Collective recognizes that the photographs we take, display in our homes, or keep in family albums are sites for public memory—windows into stories that too often go unseen and underwritten. With our Family Pictures Syracuse project, we seek to inspire our city to narrate the stories our images hold to ensure that our histories are not lost or overlooked. We believe that working toward a living community photo archive will benefit our city’s residents as its very existence will assert that everyone, especially our most vulnerable members, have always and will continue to have a stake in Syracuse’s shared local history, our present, and our future.

This free public event is part of a weekend series of activities relating to the "Family Pictures" project:

Friday, October 13 | 6-8pm
Film screening: Through A Lens Darkly

Saturday, October 14| 9am-2pm
Family Pictures Syracuse: Photo Sharing Day

Wednesday, November 15 | 5-7pm
Family Pictures in the Archive
Special Collections Research Center

Support for Family Pictures Syracuse comes from:

  • African American Studies
  • Allyn Family Foundation
  • Anthropology
  • Community Folk Art Center
  • Democratizing Knowledge
  • Engaged Humanities Network
  • English
  • Everson Museum of Art
  • Film and Media Arts
  • History
  • Humanities New York
  • Jewish Studies Program
  • Lender Center for Social Justice
  • LGBTQ Studies Program
  • LightWork Labs
  • Office of the Associate Provost for Strategic Initiatives
  • Orange Television Network
  • Photography and Literacy Project (PALs)
  • Religion
  • Special Collections Research Center
  • Syracuse University Art Museum
  • Syracuse University Humanities Center's Syracuse Symposium on "Landscapes"
  • Television, Radio, and Film
  • The SOURCE
  • Women's and Gender Studies
  • Writing Studies, Rhetoric, and Composition