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Project Mend team members Katherine Nikolau ’24, Michael J. Willacy

and Patrick W. Berry serve as panelists at a Syracuse Stage event.

Creating Identity and Building Community Through Writing

Project Mend has earned support from Humanities New York, the Syracuse University Humanities Center, Engaged Humanities Network, the SOURCE, the Department of Writing Studies, Rhetoric and Composition, and a CUSE research grant.

April 22, 2024  · 

When students in the College of Arts and Sciences enroll in Associate Professor Patrick Berry’s class on writing and rhetoric, they likely think, correctly, that they will learn the foundations of good writing across various genres. However, they may not imagine that Berry’s vision for the class involves a less tangible side effect: building community.

Symposium to Explore Significance of 18th-Century Philosopher’s Essay on Perpetual Peace in Today’s World

Philosopher Immanuel Kant’s 1795 essay “Toward Perpetual Peace” still holds significant relevance even now more than two centuries after it was first published. With ongoing wars across the globe, securing peace remains elusive.

April 17, 2024  · 

An upcoming one-day symposium will explore how Kant’s principles can help lay the foundation for lasting peace. The symposium is supported by the Central New York Humanities Corridor, whose administrative home is based at the Syracuse University Humanities Center...

Dian Ling | Contributing Photographer

Visiting professor Krushil Watene discusses the importance of Indigenous philosophy, justice

Krushil Watene discusses Māori concepts, the revitalization of their communities and the support of their knowledge.

March 25, 2024  · 

Māori scholar Krushil Watene projected a photo of herself and a youth education group canoeing on New Zealand’s Taumārere River to an audience of more than 20 students and faculty in Bird Library. Understanding their responsibility to learn about Māori culture is Watene’s group’s mission.

“We need more diversity and we need to hear the voice of those communities who hold the key and the knowledge to address issues that are impacting humanity, not just Indigenous communities, but humanity overall,” said Indigenous Studies Professor Mariaelena Huambachano...

student and professor seated at table view a computer screen

Professor Brice Nordquist believes environmental storytelling

can bridge the gap between science and the humanities.

Digging Into Nature

Students and professors turn to art, architecture and storytelling to better understand the environment.

March 22, 2024  · 

Research, scholarship and creativity coexist and thrive at Syracuse University. All year long, Syracuse students and faculty engage in creative endeavors, like architecture, storytelling and visual art, to forge new relationships with and fresh insights into our natural world.

spring flowers in foreground with pathway leading to Tolley building in background

The Humanities Center resides in the Tolley Humanities Building (in upper left view)

Humanities Center Supports Four Spring 2024 Fellows

Research ranges from recovering ancestral foodways, making Black space in the digital age, natural reasoning through virtue to stereotypical Caribbean images.

Feb. 27, 2024  · 

Humanities practitioners put current issues and events into perspective by encouraging critical thinking and analysis, challenging beliefs and values, sparking creativity and encouraging global citizenship and immersing in history. In an effort to further a world that is healthier, hopeful and more humane, the Syracuse University Humanities Center, in the College of Arts and Sciences, advances humanities research each year by awarding up to four competitive fellowships.

Humanities Center Showcases and Supports Graduate Student Research

The Syracuse University Humanities Center, in the College of Arts and Sciences (A&S), offers key grants and fellowships to graduate students that allow them to advance their projects and share their ideas beyond the walls of the University.

Feb. 5, 2024  · 

“Advancing graduate student research is so important. As the work of this year’s dissertation fellows and public humanities grantees amply illustrates, graduate students are pushing the boundaries of their fields and advancing the humanities in new ways for the 21st century,” says Vivian May, director of the Humanities Center.

Indigenous Philosophies Can Create Global Change and More Just Futures

Krushil Watene, Māori scholar from Aotearoa New Zealand, is the 2024 Jeannette K. Watson Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Humanities, March 18-29

Jan. 18, 2024  · 

This spring, the Syracuse University Humanities Center welcomes a visit by renowned Māori scholar, moral and political philosopher, Krushil Watene. She is a member of the Māori tribal communities of Ngāti Manu, Te Hikutu, Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei and the Pacific Island of Tonga (Hunga, Vava’u). Watene is the Peter Kraus Associate Professor of Philosophy, and Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts, at the University of Auckland/Waipapa Taumata Rau, Aotearoa New Zealand.

Black women converse around workshop table

Cornell hosts "Black Girl Futures” workshop Nov. 11

Exploring girlhoods, Black scholars connect, imagine and heal

Corridor working group's mission brings Black female scholars, activists, community workers and educators together to reflect on their childhoods and find community – all in order to better serve the Black girls with whom they work.

Dec. 19, 2023  · 

Jamila Walida Simon grew up in a time and place where children were expected to be largely seen and not heard; as an adult, she wanted to correct that, providing space for Black girls to express themselves, their thoughts and feelings, their struggles and aspirations. Now, as part of a working group that spurs and supports the self-reflection of Black women who work with Black girls, Simon has found that space for herself.

Now in its third cycle of funding from the Central New York Humanities Corridor, the working group, “Collectively Envisioning Black Girl Futures,” was founded in fall 2022 by Misha Inniss-Thompson assistant professor of psychology in Cornell's College of Human Ecology, and Courtney Mauldin, assistant professor of educational leadership at Syracuse University.

Mariaelena Huambachano

Indigenous Studies Researcher Advises the UN on Inequalities in Food Security and Nutrition

Huambachano, an Indigenous scholar and current Humanities Center Faculty Fellow, is also co-hosting this spring's JK Watson Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Humanities mini-residency by Māori scholar, Krushil Watene.

Nov. 27, 2023  · 

A&S scholar, Mariaelena Huambachano, travels the world gathering and sharing research on the wisdom of “Traditional Ecological Knowledge”, while passing it down to the next generation through her teaching at Syracuse.

view of rustic cabin beyond fall-colored trees

Blue Mountain Lake, NY

Corridor Writing Retreat Supports Faculty Research

Three years of bolstering faculty research through an Adirondack retreat on Blue Mountain Lake

Nov. 21, 2023  · 

Being uprooted from one’s typical routine can have profound impacts on one’s writing practice, and for the third year running, the Corridor Writing Retreat has provided such an opportunity to participants from across all 11 Corridor institutions.