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side by side zoom screen shots of Natalie El-Eid and Alex O'Connell

Dissertation Fellows, El-Eid and O'Connell, discuss their research in a virtual Coffee Hour, Feb. 10

Graduate Students Illuminate Lives, Race and Place

Humanities Center fellowships and project grants support students' research on Druze culture, histories of self-harm, youth literacy and Black narratives from Syracuse schools’ desegregation era.

Feb. 9, 2023  · 

The humanities are pivotal to examining historical trajectories, understanding the pressing issues of our times and forging a more just world. As the next generation of scholars, graduate students are at the forefront of identifying and pursuing new questions in their research.

Syracuse Symposium 2022-2023 "REPAIR" text with orange traffic cone embellishment

Syracuse Symposium Addresses Timely Topics with Diverse Slate of Programming

19th annual Syracuse Symposium continues this spring semester with events centered around theme of “repair.”

Jan. 19, 2023  · 

Reparations for slavery. Environmental justice. Reproductive justice. Students, faculty, staff and the general public are invited to engage with these urgent topics and more throughout the spring semester thanks to the Syracuse University Humanities Center's Syracuse Symposium.

Rina Banerjee's large art installation, a reddish pink construct called "Take Me to the Palace of Love"

Take Me to the Palace of Love - Rina Banerjee

New SU Art Museum Exhibit Features International Artist Rina Banerjee

Syracuse University Art Museum partners with Art and Music Histories to present works by this year's Jeannette K. Watson Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Humanities

Jan. 10, 2023  · 

A new exhibition of critical artworks by acclaimed international artist Rina Banerjee opens at the Syracuse University Art Museum on January 19.

black and white photo collage of Ukrainians living life amid war

Perpetual Peace Project Launches New Initiatives, Website

Centuries ago, Immanuel Kant outlined six preliminary conditions for perpetual peace. As of today, none have been achieved.

Nov. 9, 2022

The Perpetual Peace Project unveiled a new website this week to coincide with a third series of initiatives launched by Gregg Lambert, founding director of the Syracuse University Humanities Center, the CNY Humanities Corridor, and one of the original creators of the PPP, in partnership with Adam Nocek (Arizona State University) and faculty from other universities and institutes across the Czech Republic, Poland, and Ukraine.

sepia toned image of people walking dirt path, featured in film Tantura

Image from Tantura, courtesy of the Israel State Archives, Beno Rothenberg collection

Syracuse University Human Rights Film Festival Celebrates 20 Years

“We are delighted to once again partner with SUHRFF to celebrate its 20th year as part of our annual Syracuse Symposium public event series." -Vivian May, HC Director

Sept. 16, 2022

The Syracuse University Human Rights Film Festival (SUHRFF) celebrates 20 years of programming with outstanding films about human rights and social justice from around the world. SUHRFF takes place Sept. 22-24, and is part of Syracuse Symposium 2022-23: REPAIR. It is presented by the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and the Syracuse University Humanities Center in the College of Arts and Sciences.

The word REPAIR has a striped orange and white traffic cone in place of the "A" - the design for the 2022-2023 Syracuse Symposium

Syracuse Symposium Kicks Off 19th Year of Programming

The Humanities Center’s annual symposium examines “repair” through a series of films, lectures, workshops and other events.

Sept. 13, 2022  · 

The Humanities Center’s annual symposium examines “repair” through a series of films, lectures, workshops and other events.

art exhibit in NYC of a fish tank full of litter found along the bottom of the Hudson River

"Hudson's Litter" (image: NYC art exhibit-Lee Designs)

Professor Goode’s Tolley Professorship Focus: Creating Climate Change Teaching Materials, Partnerships

Former HC Faculty Fellow expands outlets for environmental humanities research

June 28, 2022  · 

The Humanities play an instrumental role in shaping thinking about the past, present and future of environmental and climate change issues. Scientists can present hard data about the climate crisis and other ecological challenges. But it is humanists who are apt to consider the uneven social and personal impacts of these challenges, to translate environmental science for wider human understanding and action, and to examine what it is we even mean when we use words like “climate,” “environment,” “atmosphere,” “nature” or “ecosystem.”